CalashockGo is our range of pre-packaged design and development solutions created for merchants looking to start selling, or grow, with a budget-sensitive approach. With packages starting from as little as £1,150 + VAT through to custom design services for £5,500 + VAT, CalashockGo includes all the features and functionality you will need to start selling online and grow.

All ecommerce stores are developed on BigCommerce, and package prices do not include the monthly fee payable to BigCommerce directly.


What’s included:

  • Theme purchase and installation

  • Customisation of theme to match brand (logo, typography, colours)

  • Creation of 5 products and 2 content pages (content to be supplied)

Calashock kick

Get online and start selling in 2 weeks with out entry level design package starting from just £1,150 + VAT.

We will purchase your chosen theme (based on our recommendations for the best option) and customise it to your brand’s look and feel by changing fonts, colours and adding your logo. We also design the homepage carousel banner (if your theme supports this) or flat homepage banner so your homepage has a call-to-action (CTA).

In order for you to make the most of BigCommerce’s native product section we will create up to 5 products (including product descriptions and other information) and create 2 content pages based on text supplied by you - this could be an about us page, FAQs or other information page such as ‘Why buy from us’.

To help you market your website and engage with customers we integrate your site with Mailchimp, and install Google Analytics so you can monitor where visitors are coming from, what keywords are driving traffic, and how many visits you are receiving.

We recommend PayPal and Square as the 2 payment gateways for BigCommerce merchants, and integrate these 2 providers. If you don’t have a Mailchimp, PayPal or Square account - or BigCommerce - we can set these up for you free of charge too.

Integration with 1 app from the BigCommerce App marketplace is also included (additional fees to the app provider may apply).


What’s included:

  • Theme purchase and installation

  • Customisation of theme to match brand (logo, typography, colours) plus additional 10 hours customisation

  • Creation of 15 products and 3 content pages (content to be supplied)


A semi-custom solution for merchants looking for a cost-effective solution tailored to their needs and requirements for £2,450 + VAT.

For merchants with a bit more budget or looking for a semi-custom solution, CalashockGo strikes the balance between budget and customisation.

We purchase the agreed theme (based on our recommendation and your requirements) and customise it both with your brand’s look and feel (fonts, colours, logo, browser favicon) but include an additional 10 hours of customisation time to change other aspects of the website such as layout, colours, element size to make the website a bit more unique and tailored.

To make your product listings comprehensive and information-rich we create up to 15 products utilising the native product section within BigCommerce (product title, name and description, image, EAN code, etc.) and take content you supply to create 3 text pages of your choice (FAQs, delivery and returns information, Why buy from us, etc.). We also design and set-up 2 home page banners to give your homepage a Call-To-Action (CTA).

In terms of payments we include set up and integration of Square and PayPal, as well as 1 additional payment provider supported by BigCommerce, and set up 1 standard shipping zone (i.e. UK, Benelux, Scandinavia, Europe).

We set up and integrate Google Analytics to give you access to in-depth reporting (alongside the native analytics offered by BigCommerce) and Mailchimp email marketing so that you can engage with customers and email newsletter subscribers.

Finally we include integration with 3 apps from the vast array available in the BigCommerce App marketplace - additional fees to the app provider may apply.


What’s included:

  • Custom designed to match your brand and target market

  • Bespoke look and layout with no use of templates

  • Creation of 25 products and 5 content pages (content to be supplied)


When a template solution won’t cut it and a bespoke design is needed, CalashockPlus is for merchants looking to invest in a tailored ecommerce website for just £5,500 + VAT.

Our core service is designing and developing custom ecommerce websites, and CalashockPlus gives merchants the ability to have a bespoke website designed from scratch to suit their brand and target market.

We work with you to complete a design brief to understand the requirements and desires, and then our designer brings the idea to life by creating concept designs which our developers code specifically for your store. The design includes 2 custom banners on the home page using the native carousel feature.

Our team also creates up to 25 products with information such as product title, description, image and additional attributes such as EAN codes, meta tags and custom fields if required.

As PayPal and Square partners, we recommend these 2 payment providers for accepting payments, and include integration of these 2 systems, as well as an additional 2 payment providers supported by BigCommerce,

To help engage with customers, we set you up and integrate Mailchimp email marketing software, as well as integrating your Facebook and/or Instagram accounts with BigCommerce so that you can tag products directly within your posts and make the customer buying journey easier and fluid.

We set up a standard shipping zone (i.e. UK, Benelux, Europe, North America) or integrate a third-party app such as ShipperHQ, which is in addition to the integration of up to 5 apps from the BigCommerce App marketplace (additional fees payable to the app provider may apply).


Additional Work

Additional design customisation and platform functionality can be quoted separately.

Customisation of the theme to match the brand is limited to changing the available attributes within the native BigCommerce theme editor and not custom code. These include changing fonts to those available within the theme editor/theme files package, changing colours, and uploading the logo and browser icon (favico).

Google Font integration is quoted separately within CalashockKick and will be deducted from the allocated 10 hours of customisation work in CalashockGo.

All prices exclude VAT at the current rate.