social media marketing

What do you think of when the words 'social media' are mentioned? Twitter? Facebook?

Social Media Marketing is the new frontier

Social media is continually changing and is one of the largest expanding markets on the internet. Did you know that every day Instagram, one of the largest and expanding platforms on the web, users 'like' approximately 4.2 billion posts a day. Better still for businesses is that 75% of those who view an advert on Instagram continue on to take an action like viewing the advertiser's website.

Social Strategies

Calashock can offer consultations in designing a long-term approach for your businesses goals, and can offer services including introduction and setting up accounts on the larger social networks, or to work with your in-house marketing teams on new projects. Regardless of whether your a beginner or seasoned veteran, Calashock is able to assist in generating your internet presence and identity through custom social media marketing.

Tracking your Success

Maybe you have set up your own social media campaign, or maybe you have chosen Calashock to manage your social media marketing. Either way Calashock can provide you the data and statistics to measure the success of your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram campaigns and allow you to construct future campaigns that promotes a positive brand association.

Content in King

In the realm of social media and social networks, content is the one and only King. Calashock can help design content in the form of images, videos, or through the written word using our team of specialists. Get in contact with us to discuss how social media marketing can help your business today.