website seo audit

Whether you are looking to develop your SEO strategy, or whether you website requires a tune up the first piece of the puzzle is a thorough SEO audit. Calashock will investigate your website's code to develop a report of items holding back your SEO performance, and how to better current position within your marketplace against your main competitors. Unlike our monthly SEO services, this service has been developed for those first delving into search engine optimisation.

Your SEO Audit and Report

Our search engine optimisation reports provide in depth analysis of issues to be addressed and these include but are not limited to: Keyword analysis of your website's pages, examination to ensure your content is readable and viewable by search engines, reviewing the sitemaps, site hierarchical, and the internal links and assets of your pages, broken links and server errors and other crawl errors, and also page speed testing to ensure that the bounce rate of your website.

Using your SEO audit and more

Once the report has been completed we would be happy to assist you in rectifying the outstanding faults, as well as providing other services such as content writing to help you develop your web presence and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Our monthly SEO packages contain all the items of our website SEO audit packages, but with the added benefit of your website's performance being tracked throughout the month - meaning that any changes in a search engine's algorithm or your competitor's own SEO that could affect your ranking can be countered swiftly.