As well as our experience in building on the BigCommerce platform, we also have experience in building numerous sites on WordPress platform. WordPress’s open-source nature allows fully bespoke front ends to be developed upon it which allows a greater choice in creating a rich user experience for your visitors and clients.

As well as designing truly beautiful frontends on WordPress, we can now add SaaS ecommerce functionality thanks to the BigCommerce for WordPress plugin. Why use WooCommerce that places a strain on your WordPress site when you can use BigCommerce to deal with catalogue management, payment gateways, PCI compliance, and much more - taking the strain off your WordPress hosting. Being certified experts in developing on WordPress with BigCommerce integration allows us to create the storefront of your dreams.

WordPress is a customisable, open-source content management system used by some of the biggest companies and institutions for their websites. As well as these benefits, and because WordPress is open-source, there are no licence fees to pay for the CMS allowing far more of your budget to go towards quality development, fast hosting, and premium plugins for functionality.

There is a rich ecosystem of plugins and community support available for WordPress, adding functionality in simple one-click installations that other content management systems cannot match.

Why WordPress?

WordPress as a CMS is suitable for all users regardless of size; due to its low costs and barriers to entry start ups are able to take advantage of WordPress for their website, and the incredible customisability and open-source nature makes it suitable for the largest brands and companies in the world (including Mercedes-Benz, Time, TED, Vogue and the Observer as of 2018).

WordPress is especially optimised for the latest SEO standards and practices, and due to a rich ecosystems of SEO apps (like Yoast) WordPress offers you a CMS that can rank highly on search engine results pages like those of Google.

As well as the above WordPress is very easy to manage and with the new Gutenberg interface managing your pages couldn’t be easier. Installing updates for your theme, your plugins, and the core WordPress system can all be done with a few clicks. Security can be managed by implementing plugins such as Wordfence; not only adding a layer of security, but adding login verification technologies and practices like two factor authentication (2FA).

What does WordPress do well?

WordPress is a fully scalable solution, meaning that you can use this CMS and as your business grows your website can grow too. With a rich ecosystem of applications and plugins available, there really is little that this platform cannot do.

The themes that we develop for WordPress are not only bespoke for your brand and business but also fully mobile responsive - ensuring that your users are given the best experience regardless of the device that they use.

As well as the above benefits we are now able to offer a new service for websites built on WordPress - BigCommerce. Instead of using solutions such as WooCommerce to power your store, and at the cost of taxing your hosting resources, BigCommerce now offers an integration to allow their servers to deal with your products , transactions, and PCI compliance. This allows you to have a combination of a beautiful store front with open-source access, but with the bulletproof backing of BigCommerce.

Why use WordPress?

Interested in discussing your WordPress website with Calashock? Reach out to us via our contact page or call us on 0208 440 9535.

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Our first step in the process of creating your WordPress website is to sit down with you and your stakeholders to discuss your brand, your requirements, and the functionality needed for your WordPress website.

We would also undertake a consultation of your hosting platform and provide recommendations to ensure your site is served as quickly as possible to your users, and that your website is given the best possible uptime.


We would review your business sector and undertake in-depth research of the highest ranking competitors, and from there we will construct wireframes of all the pages of your site using our research and experience of creating great user experiences along with our competitor analysis report.


Once the wireframes have been signed off, our designer starts working on the look and feel of the website. The first design to be completed is the homepage, as this forms the basis of the additional templates.

As soon as the home page design has been agreed and signed-off, we start working on the other templates such as category pages, product pages, checkout, blog, etc.


This is where the site starts to take shape. Working on a sandbox site, our developers code the design into the website you see in the browser. All our website designs are created to be fully mobile responsive, meaning they will render and display correctly on any device - desktop, tablet and smartphone. Meaning your users and customers are served the best experience and version of your site no matter their device.

At this point we will also look to install the plugins required to provide your site the functionality specified as part of our initial consultation. We always recommend implementing Wordfence to add security and features to your store including two factor authentication (2FA) and geo-blocking by IP address or range, and have installed and customised this plugin for dozens of websites.


If we are migrating content and data from another platform, we then transcribe this from your old website onto your new WordPress website, as well as preserving existing alt-tags and meta-data. We also undertake SEO work to ensure links and pages are re-directed.

STEP 6 - User testing

Once the site is complete, de-bugging and testing is undertaken to eliminate any issues and errors such as cross-browser testing and external software and app integration. We work with you to go through testing, and also offer training packages so that your staff hit the ground running. When the site has passed de-bugging and QA, we sign-off and hand-over the website.


We love working with our existing clients on new projects, and if you ask any of our existing clients our solutions and support is the reason that not only they stick with us, but also come back to us with new projects. We will arrange periodic catchup calls to see how your website is doing and whether you need any further assistance.

As well as these calls we also offer retainer packages so that we are on-hand for you to assist you every month - whether it be new page templates you want to design and implement, or you need implementation of analytics packages or assistance in Google AdWords, Calashock is with you every step of th