Strategy and discovery

The foundation of every successful ecommerce website is a well researched and crafted strategy, which is prepared after a comprehensive discovery workshop. The project discovery allows our project strategist to design an ecommerce strategy that differentiates clients from competitors and competes on strengths rather than prices.

We also use the strategy and discovery sessions to better understand the challenges and pain points you are currently experiencing so we can craft a solution that meets pre-defined objectives and helps overcome the obstacles currently holding you back.

UX and design

Conversion is the ultimate goal of an ecommerce website, and balancing functionality with design is made easier when incorporating adhering to User Experience best practices. We only develop custom designs, making the design work for your customers, not the other way around.

Our UX and mobile-first approach mean we design websites that are easy to navigate, resonate with your target customer, and drive conversions, whilst incorporating both native and custom functionality to drive clicks and conversions. This is achieved by preparing wireframes for both mobile and desktop devices, presented as prototypes, before even starting to put together the actual ecommerce website design.

BigCommerce development

We're one of the most long-standing BigCommerce development partners around, with over a decade's experience in designing and developing custom BigCommerce websites for merchants throughout the USA.

Our Certified BigCommerce developers implement responsive designs using the latest industry and BigCommerce best practices onto the BigCommerce Stencil framework, and can also customise experiences using GraphQL, powerful APIs and technologies such as React.

This expertise results in websites being built faster - reducing time-to-market - and running faster, contributing towards better rankings in search engines.

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B2B ecommerce

Growing at a phenomenal rate and set to be 4 times bigger than B2C, B2B ecommerce has a more complex front-end experience, including a wider product catalogue with more product attributes, as well as intricate pricing rules, and product conent.

The majority of B2B websites integrate with various back-end systems such as PIMs, ERP systems and CRMs, which is where BigCommerce's OpenSaaS approach and powerful APIs help merchants integrate seamlessly. In addition, we can create tailored checkout flows and customer account sections.

For merchants with a B2B and B2C ecommerce operation, a single BigCommerce store can be used to serve both audiences.


Moving a website from one ecommerce platform to another is not a simple task, and not only does it need comprehensive discovery and planning, but careful project management and migration.

As a specialist BigCommerce agency, we work closely with our merchants to migrate customer details, historical order data, product catalogue, and content. Furthermore, we test the integrations businesses rely on vigorously to ensure a smooth transition.

We can implement a fresh front-end onto BigCommerce, or migrate a current design from another platform, with enhancements to incorporate new features.

Headless commerce

For merchants who need flexible, complex and/or unique experiences on ecommerce websites, headless is the option needed to achieve the desired goals and objectives.

By decoupling the front-end from the back-end, merchants have the security, commerce functionality and scalability offered by BigCommerce, and the freedom to implement custom experiences on platforms such as DEITY Falcon PWA.

As the 2020 BigCommerce Headless Agency of the Year (EMEA), we have the expertise and experience to help merchants stay ahead of the curve and adopt a headless approach.

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Progressive Web Apps

ecommerce has evolved a lot in recent years, but one of the most substantial shifts has been to mobile commerce, with most websites seeing the majority of traffic coming from mobile devices, which is why Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are becoming a must-have for merchants looking to become leaders in their sector.

PWAs are fast, mobile-first websites that look and feel like a native mobile app when loaded on a smartphone, and a regular website when loaded on a desktop, with native functions such as push notifications and location tracking. In addition to faster load speeds, PWAs work offline, can be downloaded onto the home screen, and work on both iOS and Android devices, meaning there is no need to develop separate apps.

Calashock is proud to offer merchants the DEITY PWA solution.

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International Commerce

Cross-border ecommerce is an opportunity most merchants should consider, but not without carefully planning both the technical and strategic elements of an international commerce expansion plan - consumer behaviours, payment methods, languages and laws are different for each market.

We've helped merchants launch localised BigCommerce powered stores for target markets and navigate the pitfalls that can come with launching ecommerce stores in new, international markets.

If international expansion is on your roadmap and you're looking for a dependable and experienced partner to help you, get in touch.

Project Rescue

There are several reasons why a project rescue is needed - maybe a project is taking longer than agreed, the quality of work required isn't there, lack of knowledge and expertise by the agency to finish a project, or loss of confidence in the implementation partner.

Through our tried and tested project development process and collaboration tools, our experienced in-house team of Certified developers and Project Managers can take over a project and work with you to move the project in the right direction.

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Ongoing Support

We support our ecommerce merchants with both technical and strategic solutions, including emergency assistance, maintenance plans and ecommerce strategy retainers.

An ecommerce website is a 24/7 business, and for merchants who need the certainty and flexibility of 5-day or 7-day assistance, we offer support plans tailored to individual requirements and SLAs, including direct telephone access to developers.

A website is never finished, and our clients can rely on a trusted partner to help them identify improvements and optimise the website.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our long-standing history in SEO has helped drive qualified traffic to merchants by helping their websites rank higher in organic search results.

Starting from a well defined and crafted Search engine optimisation strategy, our team work on both on-page and off-page elements to improve rankings in search engines for the keywords which their customers are searching for.

We don't focus on the most obvious - yet vague - keywords everyone is competing for; we look for the keywords that are trending upwards in terms of search volume and will give the highest return on investment, as well as driving qualified customers who are more likely to purchase.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

One of the best things about digital platforms is they provide data, and this data can be used to make concise and justified marketing decisions to increase the ROI and bottom-line revenue.

CRO allows you to monitor user behaviour on websites and run experiments (known as A/B or split testing) to constantly improve user experience and optimise website elements such as layouts, messaging and colours.

Our Conversion Rate Optimisation service helps merchants optimise their ecommerce website and increase conversions and conversion rates.

Custom BigCommerce app developmemnt

Custom app development

BigCommerce is a feature-rich ecommerce platform with a wide range of built-in features and a comprehensive app ecosystem, but as buyer behaviours, change and experiences become more complex, there are times when the only solution is a custom app.

Thanks to BigCommerce's OpenSaaS framework and powerful APIs, there isn't much that can't be achieved by way of a custom application.

We have built many apps to help merchants achieve a feature requirement and differentiate their website from competitors, and with our planning and development teams, you can rest assured we will find the best solution for you.